A clean office space.

30 Years of Cleaning Experience

Michigan Office Maintenance has been around since 1979, and we believe that our over thirty years of experience will show through with our quality of service. It is our continuing goal to provide this quality service and make your facility look the best it can. While we believe janitorial service to be a simple thing, we understand its importance and take it seriously.

We’re able to offer a wide variety of services, and supply companies with products that other places can’t. We are a large enough company to clean your building with ease, but small enough to still give personal attention to the job. Each building will be cleaned by an employee who knows your needs and will be trained specifically for that building.

We believe your janitorial service should be as pain free as possible. Give us a call, and we'll come out at your convenience to discuss what we can do for you. We're sure you'll be impressed by our exceptional services.

A smiling employee.

Outstanding Employees

One of the reasons we are the leading janitorial companies in the area is our employees. Most janitorial companies only offer minimum wage, but here at Michigan Office Maintenance, we offer higher than average wages. This leads to one of the lowest employee turnover rates in the industry, ensuring that we have quality employees who really know what they are doing.

When you go with Michigan Office Maintenance, you know you are getting quality, knowledgeable staff who really know your facility inside and out, and will take care of your needs.

Supporting the Troops

We support our troops and donate what we can to help them on a regular basis. Even if you aren’t interested in janitorial, these sites are definitely worth taking a few minutes to look at.


A great site listing soldiers that are in need of things ranging from entertainment to toiletries. We send boxes constantly overseas to support our soldier’s needs. We will of course accept any charity from you, and include your business name and donations in one of our ‘Soldier Boxes.’

Passing along Heritage

P.A.T.H. provides FREE hunting and fishing trips to disadvantaged kids, seniors and handicapped people of all ages. Each year P.A.T.H. takes over 300 kids fishing plus their parents and/or grandparents. Over half of the kids catch their fish and even more take their first boat ride on these free fishing trips." A wonderful organization that is always there to help and people get involved in hunting and out of doors.